Find the best linking partner
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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a free-to-play mobile game based on the Dragon Ball franchise.

This is a free tool that helps you find the best linking partner for any character you want, so that you can build your team.

Step 1: Find the character you want.
Step 2: Click on the character icon
Step 3: View the characters with common links and click on a character icon for more details
Latest characters added
Wicked Wizard and Lord of the Demon Realm Babidi & DaburalrType AGL
Evil Pride Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)urType PHY
Evil Pride Golden Frieza (Angel)urType PHYTransformed state
Accumulated Malice Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)ssrType PHY
Dastardly Last Resort Golden Frieza & SorbeturType TEQ
First-Ever Training Frieza (1st Form)ssrType TEQ
Oppressive Combat Perfect Cell (Angel)urType AGL
Long-Standing Grudge Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)urType TEQ
Harsh Trials Gohan (Kid)ssrType AGL
Unstoppable Power VegitourType AGL
Greatest Rage and Power HacchanurType STR
Father and Son's Day Off Goku & Gohan (Kid)lrType TEQ
Earth-Protecting Flash Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth)lrType TEQ
Beyond Boundless Power Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Kaioken) & 
Super Saiyan God SS Evolved VegetalrType PHY
[UPDATE]: You asked for it, you got it! Support of transforming characters has been added!
* Another tool is available! You can find the common characters between categories.
** Only characters that share 2 or more common links will appear.
*** Only global version is supported. You won't be able to search for japanese exclusive characters.

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